The Killers Come Home

On Saturday, February 3rd The Killers gave back to the city that gave them everything. The MGM Grand Garden Arena was packed with anxious fans that wanted the band to deliver a night to remember. The Killers are currently on tour to promote their newest album, “Wonderful, Wonderful.” The founding and original members Brandon Flowers and Ronnie Vennucci took the stage alongside Jake Blanton and Ted Samblay who are both filling in for members David Keuning and Mark Stoermer, who have both taken a break from touring with the band.


The concert began with the band’s signature synthesizers surging throughout the arena while fans harnessed and fed off of the energy and dramatic anticipation. An upside-down pyramid that covered the stage slowly began to rise, and frontman Brandon Flowers emerged through the thin white smoke while sporting a fitted gold jacket that resembled something from the 70’s Bowie era. The crowd went into a frenzy and then the band opened with the title song, “Wonderful, Wonderful.”

The stage was set with a mix of neon lights beaming out from behind the band and stretched out pyramids were being used as background screens. At certain points, the color of the screen would shift into a sapphire tinted sunset, or play one of the band’s music videos to properly accompany songs.

The Killers didn’t reserve the night just to promote the songs on their new album, they continuously performed classic songs that diehard fans were waiting to hear. The lyrics in these classic songs have become a sort of gospel for the fans. The band urged you to change your ways while you were young, they begged the question of whether we were human or dancers, and they proclaimed that you may have a soul, but you’re not a soldier.

It was evident from the response of the crowd that The Killers had cemented their image as a classic band associated with a certain generation. The 80’s had The Cure, The Smiths, U2, and New Order, the generation of the early 2000’s will be able to claim The Killers as their own. The band finished the night with arguably their most famous hit, “Mr. Brightside,” the only song from the setlist that The Killers could perform and bring the night to a close. It was also a notification that the event was coming to an end and that we had better take advantage of the rest of the night. The crowd did take advantage of it and not a moment or lyric was wasted.

The Killers retreated to their roots to promote their latest album, “Wonderful, Wonderful,” the city that elevated them to fame was repaid by an unforgettable, neon-polluted, wonderful evening at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. The event was met with a myriad of nostalgic lyrics, and new ones that were executed parallel to their studio recordings by frontman Brandon Flowers. People in the crowd echoed back every lyric with sharp precision. The Killers have been creating a mix of unique music and lyrics that have been aging better with time. Their music is infectious, personal and timeless. Since their emergence 13 years ago during the alternative/indie music scene, The Killers have distinguished themselves from their counter-part musicians by relentlessly producing modern classics. Songs, that when played at any bar, event, or setting would be met with passionate fans singing along, or individuals silently holding back until the lyrics and sound command them to join in.