We will miss you Electric Daisy Carnival 2018

They say that Home is where the heart is.  Well, this past Friday, Saturday, and Sunday it was the best feeling ever to actually be in the place that always holds my heart. There is no other place that hundreds of thousands of people including myself would have rather been.  For myself, the fun started when I was driving Uber (airport pickups) on Tuesday morning and picked up the first group of people coming into Vegas for Electric Daisy Carnival, they were from India.  They were first timers and I loved telling them how my first time was before it had even been moved to Las Vegas. My first time was in 2010, the final year of the festival being in Los Angeles. The pickups continued every day & night picking up people from all over the U.S. & the world, all coming together for the same reasons: To feel The Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect and especially to listen to some hella dope music.  The most fun Uber Passengers were a couple from El Paso that I picked up at MGM and we blasted the music all the way to Flamingo (A.C. Slater – Fly Kicks (Wax Motif Remix). I also made sure to have Raver kandi to welcome all of the passengers to EDC Week Las Vegas 2018. Thursday night, I came home early to rest, hydrate, & prepare for the incredible weekend.

Friday afternoon, I headed to Mesquite, NV where my buddy had rented out a condo for the weekend.  Pretty awesome condo & it was nice being around other people who were excited for Electric Daisy Carnival. At 6pm, we headed towards the Las Vegas Motor Speedway & were excited since we thought that we would not have to wait in any traffic.  Well, the exit for the speedway was blocked off causing us to go 1 more exit south & do a U-turn up I-15 putting us right in the middle of all the other cars. However, we turned the music all the way up, windows down, & made the best of it (which was actually really fun). Every foot we got closer, the anticipation grew more & more. Finally we had made it to the parking area, along with 10s of thousands of other cars. As we approached the entrance I had to say to the rest of our crew that I would catch up with them later since I had VIP and they had G.A. It actually didn’t make that big of a difference when it came to how quickly we got in.  While I was waiting in line, I did remember that our Vegas Golden Knights had played earlier that night. So upon checking on the outcome of the game and seeing that they did, in fact, win IT WAS TIME TO CELEBRATE (I was even wearing my ‘Vegas Strong’ shirt)!!  Thank you Golden Knights for bringing our city closer together, exactly what we needed after the horrific October 1 tragedy. I wore the ‘Vegas Strong’ shirt to show remembrance for the victims.

Once inside the Speedway, it was time to take in the view of everything that was Under The Electric Sky. How beautiful it was!! Words can not possibly describe how it looked. The best way to describe it is; Heaven.  If God ever created a music festival, this would be it!! This first night I mainly stayed in the Kinetic Field VIP Section taking advantage of their Free Hookah Bar, Ball Pit, Skydeck which offered a lot of space to dance all night long and provided a good view to take a video of the Firework show.

As far as music, this night I saw a few DJs, including:

  • Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike (could have been the best set of the night for me)
  • Diplo (another great set)
  • Kaskade

Friday Night was also a good night back on the Strip as Mark’s clients were heading to Hustler Club with their Free Limo & No Cover Charge.  It is great to be able to have confidence in a limo company taking care of our clients while being able to enjoy North America’s largest event. At the end of the night, upon leaving I told the guys that I was going to try & Uber at least one group for some extra $.  It did take forever to get out of parking but when I finally did, I headed to the gas station to fill up then head back to the speedway.  It took me 40 minutes to go .3 miles because of all the Uber cars, shuttles, and limos going to pick up everyone.  When I finally got there I saw 2 girls & a guy sitting on the curb so I asked if they needed a ride, which luckily they did. I didn’t have to wait to get passengers.  Met 2 awesome ladies from Michigan & a guy from Ohio, who were chill & threw me a great tip to help them out.  After that, night one was over.

Saturday we had hoped to wake up & get an earlier start towards the Speedway but we were so exhausted from the night before that we actually got a later start than we did on Night 1.  Missed A.C. Slater’s set but Saturday had the most incredible line up of music. Along with ‘Fly’ ing with Marshmello & ‘Making it One Day’ with Wasted Penguinz, the night included:



  • 10:45pm – 12:00am –  Hardwell
  • 12:00am – 1:30am – Armin Van Buuren


  • 12:30am – 1:30am – Wasted Penguinz (one of my fave songs ‘I will Make it One Day’)


  • 11:58pm – 1:25am – Tiesto (including 15 minute Tribute to Avicii R.I.P.)
  • 1:25am – 1:32am Fireworks (More on this later)
  • 1:35am – 3:02am – Marshmello (incredible set)
  • 4:18am – 5:30am – Vini Vici  (set with the most energy!!)

Other Highlights of Saturday Night were finally seeing The Dancetranauts ‘Space Yacht’ and making kandi at the kandi station inside the VIP Section of Kinetic Field.  (Trading kandi was actually a huge highlight of the entire week from the minute the first Uber passengers from India arrived until I dropped off the last EDC passengers, who were a couple from Australia.) Meeting Lisa from Phoenix & also the couple from Los Angeles that were on their honeymoon. The night ended after Vini Vici’s very, very energetic set. Being pumped up, I, again, wanted to try & make at least some $ on the way home so once I found my car, I drove around the parking lot and found a guy walking looking for a place to grab a taxi cab which was not ever going to happen.  He actually thanked me for saving his life (don’t think it was that serious but might have been).  As we sat in the traffic getting out of the Speedway, he told me that he was a Dub Step producer from Shanghai, China. As our conversation progressed he also told me about Hekler, a DJ born & raised in Las Vegas, NV.  I could not help but feel slightly embarrassed that a person from 6.5k miles away from Vegas enlightened me to a DJ that is local to Las Vegas.  We listened to this DJ on our way to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino where I dropped him off and then I headed back to the condo to rest up for night 3. (I almost left out that as I was walking away from the final stage that night, I ran into one of my friends, James Lungi, that I hadn’t seen in years.  Also got to meet his wife.)

Sunday, Night 3, we were able to head out to Heaven…. oops, I mean The Electric Daisy Carnival, earlier than the 2 prior nights.  I actually left earlier than the other guys cause it was the very final night & I wanted to get the most out of the night as I could.  Call me ‘Crazy’ (song by Lost Frequencies) or whatever you want to but I did get emotional as I was driving to the Speedway for the last Festival Night. To someone that has never been to The Electric Daisy Carnival, it would be impossible to explain how much we all would miss EDC once we left on this final night.  I pulled myself together though because I was going to make this the best night yet, which it was!!

On this final night, at the VIP Section of Quantum Valley, I ran into a few more friends that I know from the Las Vegas Nightlife Industry which made all this feel even more welcoming & like home.  At Quantum Valley, I was in a great position to see the entire sets of both Cosmic Gate & ATB.

ATB: https://mixing.dj/atb-live-set-electric-daisy-carnival-edc-2017-las-vegas/

COSMIC GATE: https://m.mixcloud.com/speeeedyedmblog/cosmic-gate-quantumvalley-edc-las-vegas-united-states-2017-06-17/

ATB was one of the can not miss sets for me this year because I have listened to them since 2000 & this was the first time getting to see the DJ set in person.  On this night, I also was able to pay a visit to the merch store to pick up myself an EDC shirt with all the DJs listed on it & for my roommate, Amy, an EDC backpack for her to use at next year’s EDCLV2019.  She wanted to go but having just had a baby, she was responsible & took care of her obligations. The time drew near for The Electric Daisy Carnival 2018 to come to a close and as thousands of people started to leave, I could still hear a faint noise from a stage in the distance so I seeked it out & while there were only a few people here, the line from the movie ‘Groove’ kept going through my head.  The line is that ‘The Party isn’t over until the last record spins’.  After this DJ Set was over, there was then another even smaller stage where, unfortunately, it was truly the last DJ that I would see for EDCLV2018. He seemed to go on longer than I could dance for but I just kept on moving my feet to the beat slowly but definitely. I believe that we all looked hot, thirsty, and tired, from one of the best weekends of our lives, because one of the stage hands brought out 3 cases of water for us, actually putting one case directly beside me.  For him doing this, I took it upon myself to dig through my backpack & find the few last dollars that I had so that I could give him a tip while thanking him. Maybe the only tip he received all night. After this final DJ ended, it was sadly time to leave until we all join together again to share Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect with each other ‘Under The Electric Sky’.

This brings us to Monday morning, the morning that even God cried.  I left the Speedway to head back to Mesquite to pack up my belongings and then drive back home.  On the way back to Las Vegas, I stopped by the Speedway to drive around it one last time to kinda say see you next year.  As I approached the area, it started to rain both inside & outside the car.  What can I say, it felt like I was saying goodbye to a best friend.  As I drove closer, I could see Uber cars picking up passengers from the camping area. I had forgotten all about the campers having until Monday at 7pm to leave.  I immediately switched on my Uber and picked up a guy who was headed to the airport to head home to Orlando, FL (made $50 on that ride). Also discussed with him how many campers there were still out there & if I should go back for more or not.  He then told me that I most likely could even get into the camping area to see it.  I knew that I had to go back.  So, I came home, took a shower, ate & headed back out to EDC Camp. DAMN, WE SHOULD’VE DONE CAMPING THIS YEAR!! Would have been well worth it & I would have even paid $100 less than the VIP. For a couple hours I gave Uber rides to passengers from NY, San Fransisco, & 2 awesome girls from Japan had me listen to ‘Moshi Moshi’ by Steve Aoki with them.  It was such an incredible experience meeting people from all over the world and to all be in the same place for the same reason!

Monday Night, after sleeping a few afternoon hours, I walked up & down the strip playing live DJ sets & songs that we all had heard over the best weekend of our lives.  Yes, most people did look at me thinking who was this crazy person but whenever I would pass an EDC Headliner (that’s what the attendees are called), they would start dancing along with me, cause we all knew we had been dancing together ‘Under The Electric Sky’ together. After this walk, I came home to sleep a good, long, long, long rest. Woke up late Tuesday Night and started Uber once again hoping to see more people to share the PLUR Vibez with. Unfortunately, this day I would only pick up one couple from Australia who had been at EDC.  They agreed with me that it was sad, it was over. I gave them my tel # and asked them to contact me for Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2019. They said they will most likely return to our Home Away from Home.

I used to always believe that the first time for anything is always the best, but EDC Vegas 2018 proved that wrong in so many ways!! This was one of the best weeks of my entire life, and, without a question, the most enjoyable EDC I have ever been to!!!  This year I engulfed myself into everything EDC: Spotify Playlists, Sound Cloud lives mixes of years past, Collecting videos to make my own EDCLV2018 playlist on YouTube, Putting neon lights inside & outside of my car, having kandi to trade, having the freedom to roam around by myself, not working it while being sick (like last year), and more.

A couple regrets that I have are that I wish we would have done camping instead. Would have saved $100 and been a nonstop party, all weekend long (we are already planning on that for EDC Vegas 2019). Not really meeting any single ladies.  All in all, it was such a truly memorable experience that I hope one day I will see you ‘Under The Electric Sky’ right beside me. For those Headliners that are reading this, I believe we have a mission.  We are the lucky ones that felt so much Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect that we should allow our bliss to overflow to our families, friends, neighborhoods, towns, cities, states, and countries. Even as little an act as opening the door for someone, helping an elderly or disabled person with groceries, or even as simple as showing the peace symbol while driving reminding people of Peace. I believe it is what we can do to help make the world a better, more peaceful place for us all.





To hear the Full DJ Compilation of EDC Weekend:


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