PLUR Starts With You

Although PLUR started in NYC by Frankie Bones, my first experience with PLUR was back in 2007 on one of the many Vegas Nights that we would go to sleep saying goodnight to the sunrise. See, I moved to Las Vegas by myself but was quickly able to call Las Vegas home thanks to the friendships that were created at Ice Nightclub (1) and Empire Ballroom Afterhours (2). These venues were places where anyone could feel PLUR radiating over the dance floors, past the private booths, and up to the balconies. We all felt the Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect among us as we shared in endless nights of dancing and connecting with new friends. All of us that are lucky enough to remember ‘the good ole days’ of Las Vegas Club Life know how special these days truly were and how they created memories which will last a lifetime.

Ice Meta_Club

August 5, 2003 – October, 2006

Born August 5, 2003 as the first Las Vegas nightclub to offer a fog machine that would submerge the dance floor in a dense cloud of liquid nitrogen, dramatically dropping the temperature of the entire club, Ice was most known for hosting a long list of world-class DJs on a weekly basis and for its time as the star feature of Spike TV’s The Club.

Ice’s untimely end came amidst the condominium boom of 2006, and most all of the land was cleared, yet Ice still remained. Fighting the good fight. With money a factor, Ice inevitably succumbed, going out with a bang in October of 2006. Ice remains virtually intact, the empty shell a death mask, a monument to itself.



Utopia / Empire

February 3, 1996-2001; September, 2005-May 23, 2008


Opening February 3, 1996, Utopia was the first freestanding Vegas nightclub to incorporate indoor pyrotechnics, a high-wattage sound system and an “anything goes” mentality.

Strongly regarded as the last Vegas nightclub of that pre-casino club era, and the last to feature a colorful pantheon of club kids, before it closed in 2001, Utopia proudly helped launch the careers of many of Vegas’ most successful club-industry members.

Starting life over again in September of 2005, a completely redesigned Empire Ballroom eventually picked up where Utopia left off, and quickly gained a reputation for attracting world-renowned DJ talent, for its Late Night Empire afterhours and for its unique ability to transform from a nightclub to a concert venue.

In later years, Empire Ballroom, amidst long-standing rumors of not paying their bills and rent delinquency on the part of the leaseholder, was finally evicted on May 23, 2008, for owing $402,697 in back rent, just hours before headliners Scooter and Lavelle were scheduled to give their Memorial Day weekend performance.

     After Ice and Empire closed we all seemed to go our own separate ways and the PLUR began to dissipate from Sin City. However, in 2011, a music festival named Electric Daisy Carnival moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. EDC has been going strong ever since and during that one week in May you can definitely feel the Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect among all of the attendees. May of 2018 may have been the happiest month of my life with the Golden Knights in The Playoffs, Picking up EDC Attendees while driving for Uber, and then attending all 3 nights out at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway underneath the electric sky with hundreds of thousands of others who are sharing in the PLUR of this special occasion.

I am not sure if I am alone in saying this but once EDC was over, there was a feeling of PLUR leaving Las Vegas and leaving each one of us a little empty inside. I even cried alongside my last Uber Passengers who were a couple that had come all the way from Australia just to attend Electric Daisy Carnival and feel the PLUR.  In the weeks following EDC, I began thinking of ways to show PLUR all year long: Driving Around after works handing out water bottles to homeless, making different music playlists & making Kandi to go along with each of the Vegas resort themes. This is when I came up with the idea of with the goal of making Las Vegas more fun and enjoyable.

In February 2019, I began rethinking the idea of PLUR and how it can relate to Las Vegas. This is when I realized that my core values truly are Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect and that PLUR crosses all borders, all walls, and anything else which may try to cause division. I feel that us who have experienced PLUR have a responsibility to share this with our Friends, Family, Cities, States, Countries, and Around The World!!

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