Kal Madsen: Woodworker, Working Musician and Actor Ready to Rock In 50 States

Kalvin Madsen comes from a family of actors whose work is nothing short of amazing. As to personal talent, he is a triple threat.

He has acted in a total of thirteen projects and produced two, one of which is a retrospective look at his well respected and revered father, Michael Madsen. Kalvin tends to stick to short film sequences, however, we all hope he is headed for larger and more lengthy roles in Hollywood.

His second endeavor is a woodworking business by the name of Madsen Woodwork. Although he specializes in the creation of wooden lock and jewelry boxes, his expertise is not limited to these types of items. He can also take simple pieces of wood and turn them into sensational movie set props. He offers three primary sizes with three primary price points: $200 to $300, so customers have choices on the build and budget on their orders. Within two weeks, one can possess a personalized wooden treasure done by master woodworker Mr. Madsen.

Finally, Kalvin is creating a buzz around California with his acoustical solo gigs. Packing up his gear and guitar, he travels around the city of Los Angeles to perform his self-compositions, as eager audiences are awaiting to hear his harmonies. Kalvin has also composed special songs to fit sizable or small screen films, as his melody “My Baby” is being featured in the short film, “Love’s Two Way Mirror”, scheduled for a 2018 release. To further branch out his lyrical business, he gifted some of his greatest hits to the winning filmmakers at the 2017 NYC Art is Alive Film Festival. Look for him to playing gigs in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and across all 50 states!

He is Kalvin Madsen, and he is worth the investment in attention and advocacy.

To get a sample of his sound, please visit https://kalmadsen.bandcamp.com/. As to his woodwork, the website is: https://www.madsenwoodwork.com/

For all music bookings, contact Mr. Madsen directly at madsenwoodwork@gmail.com.