Indie Short Film “Legit” is Loaded with Laughter

Lining up a long list of creatives that are insanely eclectic and eccentric as to their talent is a tough task. Further, structuring a screenplay to center around the female species is less of a novelty or niche in film making. These are two top positive push points for this fabulous film directed by the sole founder of Starbaby Enterprises, Jordan Elizabeth Gelber. Gelber was granted a gift in the way of comedic writing and colorful camera shooting. She partnered up with the wonderful wordsmith herself, Eve Austin, to produce a witty and wild story about the fun within fornication, and they have labeled the film “Legit“. To be more specific, it is a colorful fable about finding ways to codify the crime of prostitution.

Austin was relegated to the role of “Madam Kat”, a shrewd and smart brothel business owner hell bent on a mission to make millions. Eve brings to the camera authentic charm while allowing her fellow cast to assist her in cultivating a character that is real and raw. Her former partner and pal, Georgie, is now her nemesis who is carrying a grandiose grudge. Christine Verleny combines the correct level of sarcasm, a shrewd demeanor and a sensational stage presence to this character, pulling the performance off perfectly. The script does supply a three-way trio of seedy characters, all lead males whose main motivations seem to lie below the belt. Legendary, long time actor Anthony Robert Grasso portrays Terry Weebold, a sexy and somewhat sleazy businessman who uses his influence for ill will. Grasso is remarkable in his portrayal, as you almost find yourself becoming a fan through his charming seduction of your senses. Beau Allen is brilliant as Jake Milos, a two-timing politician that could be paid to turn a blind eye with the right price. Allen brings to the role a high level of maturity and acting methodology, and is an attention grabber. David Hilfstein is befitted with the character of Brian Figarello, a seemingly middle man who merely seems content to let his groin guide his conscience. Hilfstein is fabulously funny and frank in his role, bringing audiences plenty of cheer and chuckles. Sprinkled all throughout the story are a slew of femme fatales who possess heavy humor, hundreds of hijinks and are sensational success with improvisational innuendos. A short film success in writing, wardrobe, performance and plot!

Legit was nominated for Best Comedic Short Film at the 2017 Art is Alive Film Festival. To check out the movie trailer and the accomplishments of this team, see the links below. This film will soon be available to view online.