Indie Film “I Know You” Reflects Reality Within Illusion

Within our society, there is a large longing among the “average” to envelop into extraordinary beings. This type of expected excellence is encouraged by mainstream media, coupled with continual competition among cultures and classes. Many view luxurious and lavish lifestyles as part and parcel of a human being. The elite and established who walk across our televisions or theaters are provided with endless appreciation and adoration due to star status, again given by the industry gods. This mantra and/or mindset is the primary focus of the film I Know You, contrived from the cranium of master movie maker Colin Gerrard.

Simply stated, I Know You is an adventure experienced by one man employing a leading lady and a camera crew. He is hoping to bring a buzz by channeling all the right circuits, pushing for all the right pictures, and creating an imaginative illusion. As the unique plot unfolds, you will witness how an ordinary couple is turned into Rome royalty, and just how appearances may not exactly mirror real life experiences. It certainly does carry the ability to make one go WOW in the last moments of the movie.

There are three pivotal points that stand out about this film. Gerrard choose Italy as his set location, and that sets the stage for some marvelous and magnanimous backgrounds. It also falls in line perfectly with the poignant logline of the project: in today’s culture, assumed, rather than actual, identity is all some see in a person. Secondly, it hits the nail on the head about privilege being provided to anyone presenting themselves as living a grand and gifted life. Lastly, theater attendees will walk out asking themselves a basic question: does it matter more to revel in recognition deserved or delivered due to presumption of prerogative?

Although its completion date was 2014, the next three years would find this film winning 16 awards and 69 nominations.  Colin Gerrard has managed to make magic on the silver screen five additional times, much to the delight and desire of his fans and followers. His sensational gift for storytelling, partnered with beautiful backdrops, is a guarantee for a grand picture regularly and repeatedly. Look out for the debut of his newest endeavor, Eli, currently crossing the country via the indie film festival circuit.

I Know You was nominated for Best Cinematography at the 2017 Art is Alive Film Festival. Please visit the website above to stay abreast of this fine director’s future films: