Film Focusing on the Agony of Abuse to Release on International Women’s Day

Independent filmmakers Michele Frantzeskos and Nancy Vazquez set out to create a story that speaks for the silent and scared. They managed to do so in a very dramatic and detailed fashion, and this project is penciled for online release on March 8, 2018, International Women’s Day.  See below for a revealing review of this fantastic film.

In nearly almost every culture or country, there exists this evil we acknowledge as abuse. It is not always spoken, but once shown in any form, it is frightening and feeds the fears of injured individuals. Violent behavior beholds serious consequences for both the source and their selected targets, so one wonders the motive behind this madness. Many of these facts are faced in a new feature film entitled The Right to Live.

Directors Michele Frantzeskos and Nancy Vazquez put together a prolific, yet piercing look at the lives of four homes, held helpless to the mercy of the madness they are forced to feel every day. Behind each door and during every new day, there is a person plagued by another beating or mental bashing. Characters are harmed by weapons called words; while on other occasions, there are self-inflicted serious injuries upon themselves. The creators are clear in that their movie will provide their audience with chilling circumstances, played out by some of the best in the movie making business. Both Frantzeskos and Vazquez have cast themselves in this theatrical tale, one as the victim and one as the perpetrator. Both do display a flood of frightening sincerity, making us mourn for them and pray for their characters to find some semblance of peace. Further, their on-screen stage roles reveal a sufficiently scary amount of insecurity, which is definitely a detail in the dossier of almost all abuse survivors. You can slip into their skin for a little under two hours, and that is truly great acting.

It would be impossible to cover the performances of the entire cast, however, all are exemplary in a few areas. First off, each participant is believable and beholds the attention of an audience. These are actors who came in prepared and convinced us that they could be desperate, dark or almost demonic in ways. A few make us cringe, while others are making us comfortable with our own circumstances. Secondly, all are steadfast in their desire to share a somber story to create awareness and attention to issues that are impacting human lives every hour each day. Lastly, the players are all gratuitous with their levels of inferred intensity, which is so necessary to show the horrors of this hellish life.

There are three things to be taken from your time watching The Right to Live. The first is that abuse is not a life long agony, as the cycle can be curtailed by choice. Secondly, abuse is not acceptable behavior for any human being. Lastly, is that we all have the right to live a life free of shame and sorrow. Choose to change your ending – you have all the power inside of you.

Directors Michele Frantzeskos and Nancy Vazquez received the award for Best Director at the 2017 Art is Alive Film Festival. For further details, visit:

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