Body Painting at Gold Spike

Vegas Valley News had the pleasure of attending Gold Spike for the body paint exposition that it’s done every third Thursday, in this exposition we can see works from body paint artists such as Scott See, Brittany Wilkinson, Brigitte Berlin and Elizabeth Vann.
The theme this time was “Futurism”.

Scott See did an amazing cyborg by painting one of his arms in gray colors and parts of his face and chest.

Britanny Wilkinson demonstrated her talent by painting two aliens (one pink and one blue) both in bright and colorful wigs and she also painted part of her face with planets and stars making it look like part of the universe.

Brigitte Berlin called everyone’s attention because of her extroverted personality and great self body paint where she transformed herself into a beautiful cyborg.

Elizabeth Vann recreated the special love bots from the movie “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2” on her two models where she used colors like yellow, gray, and purple.

You can catch these artists next time at Gold Spike where you can get a drink, seat down and hang out with friends or play your favorite giant games like connect four, twister, beer pong, jenga. etc. If you are more into art you can also see live artists drawing portraits, selling jewelry and enjoy of live music.

If you’re interested and would want to attend keep track for my next post where I’ll tell you about the next event!



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