A Story of Family and Forgiveness is Found in “We Remember”

Within every human being, there is a natural need to love and be loved. We all wish for acceptance of ourselves within our own skin. Gaining both from those that we treasure is a gift not always bestowed easily or expeditiously. This struggle is the core story surrounding the emotionally stirring short film “We Remember“.  Written by TJ Clark, he takes a raw and realistic look at the sincere strife that has existed, but not been extinguished, between an adult male and his absentee father. Anders has been a wayward soul for some time, picking a string of bad men and staying stuck in a bottle of booze to help heal his heart. His elderly father takes a turn for the worse health wise, and Anders is called upon to immediately attempt reconciliation. What ensues is an eventual re-visit to past misunderstandings and misconceptions, leading to present day recognitions and realizations. At the helm of this heartwarming story is the master of all men in the directing domain, John Gallagher. Gallagher often gathers an array of memorable movie stars, then generously allows them to spread their wonderous acting wings in his indie films. His love affair with film has spanned thirty five years, but he is leaving a legacy that is truly timeless.

The male in question, Anders, is a role relished by Kohl Beck. Beck brings to the character a cornucopia of dignity, depth, and honestly, a decent degree of disgust for his fore bearer. Viewers will feel his frustration and fury build from the beginning and throughout the tale. Playing the confused and critically ill dad is Artie Pasquale, who convinces the audience his somewhat unforgiving self is deserving of sympathy. Pasquale is historically hailed as dynamic within his dramatic roles, and this film is another fine example of his extraordinary acting. He provides his audience with a frail and fallen man who is privately in awe of and amazed by his offspring. The  female acting as Ander’s cohort in crime is Christine M. Campbell. She is his backbone of support, yet keeps him held accountable for his actions and attitude. Campbell is compelling and captivating on screen, as she is strong and subtle in her push to put her best friend on a more placid track. Finally, the overbearing and oblivious sister is ingeniously and impressively played by Katelyn Pearce. Her pleas and pushing at Anders are more motivated to pacify her parent and less likely to soothe the unsettled soul of her big brother. Pearce draws deserving attention for her portrayal, as she is the catalyst contributing to her family finding a more positive path towards peace.

We Remember was nominated for a total of three awards at the 2017 Art is Alive Film Festival: Best Director, Best Male Actor in a Short or Feature Film, and Best Dramatic Short Film. Kohl Beck was the winner for Best Actor, and the project itself was rewarded monetary reimbursement. To find and follow the cast and crew, see the accompanying social media links.