A Magical and Mystical Story Await Audiences in the Engaging Indie Film “Enchantments”

Mixtures of magic and merriment intoxicate every individual who wanders into the special shop that is the cast home for the film Enchantments. Their caravan of customers ranges from energetic to eclectic; all in search of a salvation of sorts. The ladies who operate this mystical store are full of live and love; some lacking one to steal their heart, and others who want to claim or curve out their individual identity. This ensemble of energetic actors is predominately female, and that is a casting choice that sweetly suites the premise of the picture. There is an influx of independent thinkers and truly a ton of LGBT specific roles in this story, however, it is not a piece that pushes for affirmation or attention to sexual identity. Rather, it is a touching and tender movie that lifts the spirits while offering a slew of laughter and a light-hearted screenplay. Enchantments provides a place where females can feel empowered and enchanted; goofy and gregarious. Basically, being able to embrace your eccentric side and feel energized by the bonds of friendship and fun love. Further, there contains within this creation a strong sense of sexual chemistry between friends and newfound lovers. This enables the audience to believe in some way that finding your freedom to be wild and warm is acceptable at any age.

As this film has such a flood of amazing actors, it is always challenging to circle a review around an entire array of individuals. Rather, we can point out positives and points of interest. For starters, Kelsey O’Brien is acting director and writer of Enchantments, but also elected to take on the role of Emma. O’Brien demonstrates that Emma is a woman who is baffled by her own beauty, and strongly seeks to understand the universe’s subliminal signs about self-discovery. Kelsey is a refreshing site to see on screen, as her facial and full body expressions exemplify the character’s passions and power. O’Brien takes ownership of this role as if she was born to be Emma. This is an immensely impressive feat for an actor. Her lead sides are the sexy Cat Cabral and the silly and sensational Sam Garland. Cabral is delightful in her role as Duck, bringing both charm and charisma to an independent and interesting shop owner. Cat has a keen ability to bring the wow factor to a scene or story, whereby enhancing the entire energy and enthusiasm within the film. Garland is a refreshing ray of sunshine during her scenes, playing more of the naive and nice character of Smith. Sam offers sheer delight in her stage presence, as her delivery of lines and looks are completely on task and in tune with the film’s bigger foundation. It must be noted that although the male presence is minute in this film, it is still important and makes for an interesting mix within the major story. Lastly, there are signs of celebrity talent throughout the piece, however, every actor could be construed as celebrity status for their splendid work in this film.

Enchantments is a setting where a person can reside in a playground of signs and spells. It lets the viewer find their fun factor within themselves, and just relax and enjoy the ride. Thank you to Kelsey and her crew for letting us live in a land of potions and passion!

Enchantments was nominated for Best Feature Film and won for Best Female Actor in a Short or Feature at the 2017 Art is Alive Film Festival.