Just a Little More Love is All We Need to Live in Harmony


All We Need is Love

  • I strongly agree with the theme for


    being #KineticLove. After the October 1 tragedy, all of Us that live here, plus many others, came together like never before. It showed that we are all able to put aside our petty differences and show eachother love and support in a time of pain & suffering.

Now, let’s honor the lives of the fallen, but never forgotten, and celebrate their lives at #EDCLV2018 . That is what they would want all of us to do. Most importantly, let’s show the 200,000+ candy kids, ravers, bassheads, hippies, club kids etc. the LOVE we have, not just for eachother here in Vegas, but The Love we have for The World!! We are #VegasStrong & we are #WorldStrong



– Troy Waggoner
– Vegas Promoter, Lover of Vegas & of EDM, Owner of NocturnalVegas.com

(for those of you that have not had the opportunity to be enlightened to the meaning of this it is Peace, LOVE, Unity, & Respect)


I will leave you all with the lyrics by one of the world’s greatest DJs who is also a huge producer, David Guetta #SpeaksTruth


Just a little more love
Just a little more peace
It’s all it takes to live a dream
Walk hand in hand
Gotta understand
And one day soon
We’ll live in harmony

Repeat it all the time

Just a little more love,just a little more love, just a litte more love,…



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